Vitamin Plus

Give your dog a daily Health Boost with Vitamin Plus®

Just like us humans, our dogs need the proper intake of vitamins to give them the best health for life. Vitamin Plus® has been Professionally Formulated for all dog breeds, sizes and ages to provide optimum health. Just simply add to water, at home in their water bowl or on the go, to give your dog a daily health boost.

With no added Preservatives, and only the Highest Quality Essential B Group Complex Multivitamins, your dog will love the refreshing taste and the extra health boost they get.

Vitamin Plus® is Professionally Formulated with a high concentration of Essential B Complex Vitamins, and is a thirst quenching vitamin supplement for optimum dog health and nutrition.

Vitamin Plus® is suitable for cats also.

  • For Healthier Skin and a Shinier Coat
  • Enhances the Immune System
  • Improves Energy and Vitality
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Vitamin Plus Bottles Vitamin Plus Tested by Specialist Animal Naturopaths and Nutritionists