Expert Nutrition

Vitamin Plus® has been professionally formulated with optimum dog nutrition in mind. Just like us humans, we need our extra multivitamins to give us energy and improve our health, so too do our dogs. Vitamin Plus® provides your dog with a healthy boost each day and will assist with:

  • Healthier Skin & a Shinier Coat
  • Enhances the Immune System
  • Improves Energy and Vitality

Vitamin Plus® has also been tested by Specialist Veterinary naturopaths, homeopaths and scientists to ensure the quality is of the highest of standards.

The key ingredient is a formula of B Complex Essential Vitamins required by dogs for optimal health, longevity of life and overall nutrition. Many factors such as sun, wind, age, diet, exercise and breed all add to the lifestyle and health of your dog, and most times food is not enough to provide the daily requirements needed.

Vitamin Plus® is simply added to your dog’s water bowl and provides that extra health boost they need. Vitamin Plus® is refreshing and has no added preservatives and dogs love it!

Vitamin Plus® contains no sugars, no fats, no salts and no preservatives!

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Vitamin Plus Tested by Specialist Animal Naturopaths and Nutritionists